Who We Are


Our purpose...

Our core purpose is to help people to grow: grow their sales, grow their business and grow themselves. We do this by helping them to develop their sales and leadership capabilities. We believe that these two capabilities are the most valuable and challenging disciplines to master.

Despite their importance to company performance, many companies lack the sales and leadership capabilities they need in order to achieve their growth potential. That’s where we come in. Offering a variety of training, coaching and mentoring programmes, Mastermind will transform the performance of your people and, as a result, transform the performance of your entire company.


Our approach...

At the heart of Mastermind’s approach is our Sales Game methodology. Whilst most companies have a very “top down” approach to growing sales, we literally turn this on it’s on head by “gamifying” your sales strategy. This “bottom up” approach follows the professional sports model of maximising individual and team performance by creating a game that people want to play and win.

Winning the sales game involves three key activities: creating the game (strategy), leading the game (leadership) and playing the game (execution). Companies that excel in all three areas are able to attract and retain the best people, improve staff engagement and multiply team performance.


About Mark...

mark2.jpgSince starting Mastermind in 2007, Mark Windust has helped hundreds of business leaders, salespeople and entrepreneurs’ to grow. He has over 19 years experience in sales, marketing and business development and has worked with a diverse range of businesses; from hi-tech start-ups to traditional trade companies and from large multi-nationals to one-man bands. An expert trainer, mentor and coach, Mark is an influential Thought Leader in the areas of Business Development, Sales Growth and Leadership.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Mark chasing waves on Auckland’s west coast, hiking in the Waitakere ranges or stretching on his yoga matt. A Jamie Oliver wanna be, he’s also has a passion for cooking and entertaining... although, I’d stay away from his baking!