Our Clients...

Significant improvement in revenue and profit

“We engaged Mark from Mastermind to help clarify our thinking and implement our sales strategy. The coaching, mentoring and training Mark has provided has given us a much clearer direction, better execution of our strategy and more focused sales activity. With Mark’s help we have seen a significant improvement in revenue and profit over the last year and we have a healthy pipeline moving forward."

Ray Delany, CEO, Designer Technology Ltd

Increased revenue by 50% in 7 months

As a company we had really big goals, but were constantly falling short of the numbers. We had a very scattered approach and were often spending a lot of time selling to the wrong people, which meant we were working very hard but not getting anywhere. By doing the Mastermind Sales Academy the team has started to follow a consistent sales process and a more effective sales strategy. Over the past 7 months since we started the programme, our sales have increased by more than 50%. Our team are more motivated, more focused and and a lot more positive about achieving their targets. I would defiantly recommend the Sales Academy to any company who want a better way to grow their sales”

Phillip Powney, General Manager, The House Company



Increased turnover by 30% in less than 6 months

“Hey Mark, I wanted to thank you for your contribution to my business over the last six months. Since we started working together Polished Concrete has totally transformed itself. I am off the tools completely and doing a lot more work "on" the business and this has paid big time. We have expanded into other regions, increased our production capacity and introduced a new management structure. Best of all we have had record months and increased turnover by 30% in less than 6 months in a flat market and during quietest time of the year. Thanks again mate!"

Jason Torbet, Managing Director, Polished Concrete Ltd

Tripled sales compared to the same period last year

“We've had our best fourth quarter ever in the history of RedSpark in working with Mastermind. We have tripled our sales compared to the same period last year. Financially speaking, it's been awesome! In addition to giving you the tools and advice to succeed, it’s a very motivating exercise. Making sure that we are doing the steps every week and being accountable to somebody other than ourselves has given us much better consistency and a lot more confidence in ourselves and our business.”

Angela Murray, Director, RedSpark Creative

Smashing all Previous Sales Records

"Working with Mastermind has resulted in a great boost to sales. Over the past 3 months we have been smashing all previous sales records. To date we are 34% up on the same period last year and the forecast looking forward is even better. Mastermind has done a great job in getting the team take to more structured approach to selling and achieving their sales targets."
Stephen Wrigly, Sales & Marketing Director, BioStart Ltd



Two record months in tough economic times

“Mark understood that our sales needed a boost and he quickly helped train the staff to play a role in the process. Systemising a sales and marketing process is not an easy thing to do if you have a whole bunch of other business issues to deal with daily. Mark has added a cohesive structure to get my business to grow more consistently and improve the monthly sales. The results speak for themselves – last quarter we achieved 138% of our sales budget and we have had two record months... and that’s in tough economic times. I can see it getting even better thanks to Marks sales strategies and helping us implement a decent sales process.”

Tony Black, Managing Director, Black Steel Mobile Ltd

Very proud of the team and what we have achieved

“We loved Mastermind’s tailored approach which fit perfectly with our business needs and helped us achieve great results in a tough market. We have a more engaged sales team, who are properly trained and are proactive rather than reactive in growing our Sales Pipeline. I’m very proud of the team and what we have achieved and will definitely continue to work with Mastermind.”

Blair Jagusch, General Manager, Urban Gourmet