Selling begins at the first NO

A few years back my business coach asked me an interesting question,  "When does selling really begin?" To which I answered, "Selling really begins before you walk in the door. Attitude is everything." To which he replied "No." I then said "Ah, I know. Selling really begins at the rapport-building stage. If they don't like you then they won't buy." He knocked me back again.
After about five more attempts in answering his question,  I said "Bill, I give up. When does selling really begin?" Bill replied "I've told you seven times already. It’s NO. Selling begins at the first no." I think that this is a very useful perspective for salespeople to have. When you get your first no, it's not game over... it's game on!


In his book When Buyers Say No, Tom Hopkins suggests that if no wasn't a natural part of the sales process, then we wouldn't need salespeople. Often the yes is on the far side of a whole lot of no’s. A lot of sales people cut themselves short by giving up too soon.


Here's a quick three step process that you can apply the next time you're face with the dreaded no:
When isolating the problem, ask the client if there are any other reasons why they won't go ahead with your solution.


A “no” is often a misunderstanding. To get on the same page, you first need to demonstrate that you understand things from their perspective.


Offer the prospect a different perspective that overcomes the problem and makes your solution a no-brainer.


So the next time you get a no, remember it's not game over. It's game on!