Sales comes first

There's an old saying in business, "Nothing happens until something is sold". This is something I found to be universally true across all businesses. When I work with businesses one on one, "sales" is usually the first thing we work on. However, for many businesses, this simple idea gets forgotten amongst the chaos and distraction on everyday life.

I got reminded of this lesson recently at a workshop I went to in Sydney called the Thought Leaders Business School. The mantra for the Thought Leaders programme is "Think, Sell, Deliver". I was in a room full of some of the top speakers, trainers and coaches in Australasia. Some of these individuals are earning more than five times my income. The key difference between what they did and what I did was "Sell".

After the workshop, I got a private mentoring session with the Thought Leaders founder Matt Church, who offered me this advice, "If in doubt, sell something". Since then I've restructured my whole working world so that the first thing I do each day is some form of sales activity (usually sales calls). In just a few days, my sales pipeline has quadrupled!

For businesses, there are three key activities you need to master to be successful:

1) Making the sale (a sales and marketing activity)
2) Delivering the sale (an operational activity)
3) Getting paid and making a profit (a finance and administration activity)

It's quite obvious that if you don't do number 1, you've got nothing to deliver and you've got nothing to bank. So if you're not achieving the growth that you'd like, focus on number 1. Sales comes first.