Make birdies and have fun!

Lydia Ko
On Monday Lydia Ko took out the LPGA playoff in Florida and the Race to the CME Globe to pocket US$ 1.5 million. At age 17, she also took out the rookie of the year and is the youngest player in LPGA history to win five titles. Now I’m not a golfing fan, but that’s impressive.
At the tournament in Florida, there was a lot at stake for the young kiwi. While her rivals cracked one by one, Lydia kept making shot after shot, taking everything in her stride. In an interview following her win she said, "I didn't really think about it. Even playing out there today I just set myself the goal to make myself as many birdies and just go out there and have fun.”
I think we could learn a lot from Lydia. Here’s three lessons that I got from her latest performance:

Set your intention and detach
Sometimes we get so attached to the end result, that we become overwhelmed and lose our focus. Lydia didn’t become attached to the end result. She set her intention (to win) and then focused on what she needed to make it happen (make birdies and have fun).

Have a game plan
Lydia’s game plan was simple. Make birdies. She broke down her goal into bite sized bits and consistently applied herself one hole at a time.  If you are in sales, you need to do the same. Break down your sales targets into activity targets and consistently apply yourself each day to achieve these targets.

Finally, she turned it into a game (go out there and have fun). I think this is one of the biggest factors behind her success. When we get too serious, we act out of fear and make decisions that can go against us. When we turn it into a game, we get into the zone and play our best.

I’d love to hear your thoughts... what are the “birdies” you need to make in your business?


Posted by Daniel Walter Scott on
My birdies are taking my profitable keywords and have them rank in the top 1-3 in search results.

Thanks for the post Mark. Timely for me today. Time to break my birdies down into bite sized pieces.

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