Love the hustle

I was having a meeting with my mentor the other day, and he was telling me about his glory days of when he started his businesses and consulting practice. I could see the glint of pride in his eyes as he recounted his journey from rags to riches. In a nutshell, he started with nothing and had to build everything up from scratch. This involved doing a huge amount of prospecting and hustling for new business. 

It got me thinking. The most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and salespeople that I know have learned to love the hustle (by hustle I mean approaching new prospects and partners with the view to grow your business).  For my mentor, the hustle is an important part of his business now as it was then.

Now, hustling is not an activity that comes naturally to most people. It's far from comfortable and it’s fraught with the risk of rejection and failure. Yet those business leaders, entrepreneurs and salespeople that learn to love the hustle get extraordinary results.

I think that hustling is an acquired taste and that we can learn to love it. It's a little bit like whiskey. Whiskey is an acquired taste too, but most people's initial experiences of whiskey is not very pleasant. They start with a low quality whiskey (a blended grain based whiskey like Jonny Walker Red Label) and are put off immediately by the taste. If they persevere with Jonny Walker Red, they end up paying the price the next day with a huge hangover.

But if you were to learn about the finer subtleties of whiskey tasting and the differences between an average whiskey and a great whiskey, it wouldn’t take long to get hooked (please note: this is a metaphor, I don’t want anyone turning into an alcoholic). It’s like hustling. If you were to learn the art of the hustle and practiced enough to become good at it, you could learn to love it.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you love to hustle? If not, what do you need to do to acquire the taste?

Onwards and upwards!


Posted by Otto Lijzenga on
It has always been a natural selection. Those who do not overcome their fear of failure or people will not last in their sales roles.
Our success to overcome so depends on our will power.
Thanks Mark
Posted by Sam Walter on
Love the hustle and whiskey ! Good blog !
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