Have a three dimensional strategy

I reckon a lot of companies have a very one dimensional view when it comes to their Sales and Marketing Strategy. They confuse “method” with strategy. They’ll say things like, “I’ve tried cold calling and it doesn’t work”, or “We’ve done some Direct Mail and we didn’t get any response”, or “We’ve done Trade Shows and not really got anything from it”. Then they come to the conclusion that the method doesn’t work.

But when you look at things a little bit closer, you find that their strategy is missing a few fundamental pieces. Typically, they have focused on a very general market, or they have a very uncompelling message (like, “Your one stop shop for all of your widget needs.”) In many cases the method will work, they just need to add a few layers on their strategy.

When crafting your Sales & Marketing Strategies, you need to think in three dimensions. A good strategy answers three key questions:
  1. Who do we target? (Market)
  2. How do we approach them? (Method)
  3. What do we say? (Message)
In my last article, I suggested when you craft your strategy you need to “start with who” and Build a Big Fat List. The next step is to segment the list into groups with similar problems (psychographics) and similar markets (demographics). Then pick a group that represents the type of business that you want more of and create a campaign that speaks to their problems (message), while choosing methods that they will be more likely to respond to.
I’d love to hear your thoughts. How many dimensions does your Sales & Marketing Strategy have?