Follow a winning forumla

I love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Over the past 30 years they have produced 11 albums, sold $80 million in records, won 6 grammy awards, overcome death, drug overdoses and disappearances, and in 2012, they were inducted into the rock hall of fame. With their unique blend funk, punk, rock and rap, the Chilli’s have found a winning formula that sells records. Top sales people are the same.
Top sales people follow an effective sales process and as a result they consistently convert opportunities into deals. A few years back I was coaching a couple of sales people for a web development company. As part of the coaching program, I would go out on the road with them, sit in on their sales appointments, and give them feedback on what they did well and what they could improve.
One of the sales reps was a top performer and was generating around 60% of monthly sales for the company. The other rep was really struggling to get by. Aside from their personalities, the main difference in the way they sold was in the sales process that they followed.
The top performer followed the same process with every sales appointment. He would start the meeting in the same way, tell the same jokes, tell the same story, ask the same questions, follow the same presentation, and use the same close. His sales process worked and his conversion rate was phenomenal.
The other rep had no structure to how he sold and pretty much made things up as he went. In some meetings he would have a big long-winded chat about random topics. In other meetings he would ask a few questions, then go on a rant about website marketing. Because he was winging it, his sales results were very random.
So how do people sell in your company? Do salespeople follow a winning formula, or are they winging it?