The DNA of Champions

Have you ever had times in your life when everything seemed to go your way? When everything you touched turned to gold and you were operating to a whole new level of performance? On the flipside, have you ever had times in your life when nothing seemed to go as planned? When you lost your mojo and everything seemed to be hard work?

The times when you are at the top of your game are when everything is in sync: your mind, your body and your spirit. Top performers in any field have a strong desire to achieve (spirit), a big belief that they can do it (mind) and massive commitment to do the work (body). I call it the DNA of  Champions...

Spirit [purpose]

Champions have a strong sense of purpose. To them, work is not work, it’s a part of their being. They love the game they are playing as much as they love to win. As Simon Sinek puts it, champions Start with Why!

Mind [belief]

Thought Leader, Peter Cook, has written some great blogs on the power of beliefs (check out A belief that will kill you and everything you believe is untrue). Essentially, beliefs are not truth. You can choose your beliefs. Top performers choose beliefs that are useful and empowering.

Body [work]

Futurist, Joel Barker, said that, “vision without action is merely a dream”. Champions have a massive sense of personal accountability. It’s not about just showing up and going through the motions. You need to do the work that really matters.

The difference between top performers and everyone else has little to do with ability. Often top performers are successful in spite of themselves. They’ll break all the rules, go against conventional wisdom and still come out on top. The difference is in how they think, feel and act.

Onwards and upwards!