The best of 2014

If you are actually reading this newsletter at this time of year, then you must be a fan. Let’s face it, you’ve got a million other things that you need to get done before you finish up, so if you're reading this newsletter, you must really like what I have to say.
So because you're a fan, I thought I would summarise the top five newsletters that I sent over the course of the year as voted by the feedback and open rates from my subscribers (you can click on the headings to read the full article).
#1. Too tired to shave
This newsletter was a real hit. It told of a story about how my girlfriends father explained that you need to shave if you are selling anything to the baby boomer generation. Whether you agree or disagree, it highlights the power of first impressions.
#2. Sales comes first
This was a newsletter from the beginning of the year, where I talk about the three key business activities: making the sale, delivering the sale and making a profit. The most important and most neglected area for busy business people is making the sale.
#3. Selling begins at the first NO
In this newsletter I give some sage advice that an old sales dog once gave me. In the world of selling, most people give up way too soon. Here, I share a few tips on how you can persevere and turn a no into a yes.
#4. Management is a practice not a person
Management is so last century. In  this newsletter I throw rocks at “management” as a role or function. I reckon that your staff need to learn to become more self managing and that, you as the “manager” should focus more on becoming an effective leader.
#5. Make birdies and have fun
This was the most recent newsletter and one of my personal favourites. I talk about Lydia Ko’s recent success on the LPGA circuit and the lessons that we can all take from Lydia’s experience. At this time of year especially the three lessons are magic.
If I don’t speak to you before the end of the year, I wish you all the best for the festive season and I look forward to sharing a massive year with you in 2015!
Onwards and upwards! 

Mark Windust