Are Your Strengths Causing Weaknesses In Your Business?

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Things they're good at and things that they're not so good at. However, sometimes a business owner's strengths can cause weaknesses within the business itself. Personally, I have two strengths that have created weaknesses in my business. These are Sales and Self-Reliance.

My strengths in Sales and Self-Reliance served me well throughout my career. Prior to starting Mastermind, my career was greatly enhanced by my Self-Reliance and strengths in Sales. During the early days of Mastermind these two strengths got me off to a great start and helped to achieve a moderate level of success. However, as my business evolved from being a one man band into a proper Consulting Practice, my Self- Reliance and my Sales ability caused me to hit glass ceilings and frustration.  You see... because I was strong in Sales I didn't have to develop my Marketing Systems to grow my business, and because of my Self-Reliance I tried to do everything myself, rather than get others to help me.

I learnt that having strengths in one or two areas in business is not good enough. To achieve sustainable success, you have to develop capabilities in the five key areas; Sales, Marketing, Operations, Leadership and Finances. A business that develops these five capabilities can survive and thrive in any Economic Climate.

Through my own experience I've been up to identify the Capabilities that I need to focus on, to take my business to the next level. Now, instead of being so Self-Reliant, I am relying more and more on others to take care of business. Instead of just focusing on Sales to grow my business, I'm multiplying my efforts by investing in developing my Marketing Systems. The net result is that my glass ceiling has been lifted and I'm able to achieve more with less.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself: What are your strengths? Is over reliance on these strengths causing you to neglect other parts of your business that need attention? What capabilities must your business develop to take things to the next level? It's not to say that you have to develop these strengths yourself. The mark of an Effective Leader is one who hires people more talented than themselves. It's about building Capabilities within the business itself - that’s your job.