The 5 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Okay, so it’s been awhile since my last newsletter. We’ve been busy. Mastermind has evolved. We’ve got a shiny new brand and a sexy new website to go with it. The process has been a transformative experience. We’ve practiced what we preach and swallowed our own medicine. We also got help.

In this newsletter I want to share some of the advice we got from our marketing mentor, Taki Moore. He taught us the five critical questions your website must answer when someone visits your site. Get these questions right and your website will rock!

Question 1: Am I in the right place?
People are time poor and impatient. The average person spends 7 seconds on a new site and 97% will never return. Make sure your home page explicitly states or implies how they will benefit from your product or service. Straight away - don’t bury it on another page. Otherwise they’ll be out of there before you can say ‘next!’

Question 2: Do you address my specific pain or desire?
Most people have a specific problem or goal in mind when searching for products and services on the web. The better that you can articulate their pain or desire, the more likely that they will turn to you for solution. To get this right you need to know your primary target market inside out and backwards.

Question 3: Do you talk to me as a person?
Your message needs to flow like a normal everyday conversation. Talk to them directly, in the first person. Most websites keep things at arm’s length, addressing people in the third person and talking like a business to a consumer. It’s about connecting. You’re not a bank and nor are they.

Question 4:Can I Trust You?
There are four elements your website needs in order to establish trust. The first thing is design. Is the design familiar to me? Does it present the company as trustworthy and credible? Second is tone; the language you use on your website. The third element is understanding. Do you understand me?  Are you speaking to my fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations? Finally, do you have proof or evidence that you’ve helped other people?

Question 5:  Am I better off?
When I visit your website does it feel like you’re trying to get something from me, or give something to me? Are you trying to sell something to me, or help me overcome my problems? To get your visitors to take the next step, you’ve got to give them unique, interesting and relevant content as well as highly valuable information.

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