Management is a practice not a person

Management is so last century. Many of the disciplines and practices around the function of management are outdated and ineffective. Don’t get me wrong, management has its place. Without good management companies will fall apart. But I think that management should be a practice not a person.  

Everyone in your team needs to learn how to manage themselves, their time and their activities. The more your team take responsibility for managing themselves, the less burden they place on you as their manager to manage them.   

So where does that leave you as the manager? If your team are self managing, that would leave you with not much to do right? Wrong. The world is full of ineffective management structures and managers. What the world needs are better leaders.

“Leadership” is a fuzzy term that means different things to different people. It’s often over glamourised and misunderstood.  In my practice, I teach clients the three levels of leadership: Visionary Leadership, Thought Leadership and Leadership by Example. Here’s a quick summary:

Visionary Leadership (Vision):

Visionary leadership is all about creating and communicating a compelling future for you, your team and your company.

Thought Leadership (Plan):

If Visionary Leadership is all about “where to”, Thought Leadership is all about “how to”. Thought Leadership translates vision into strategy and maps out the steps to making the vision a reality.

Leadership by Example (Action):  

Leadership by Example translates strategy into action. Action is the field of play. Action is where the game is won or lost. The best leaders, lead from the front.

In summary, don’t manage... lead. Teach your team to manage themselves and practice the three levels of leadership.

Upwards and onwards!